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Mastercard® Debit Card

Pay for purchases without writing a check or handling cash.

Whether you want to pay for purchases in store or online, take the convenience of your debit card and use it for your advantage. Pay with the swipe of your card and your funds are deducted directly from your checking account. You can also access your checking account funds no matter where you are using an ATM.

Hometown Community Banks Debit Card


Consumer Alerts and Notifications

Debit Card Restrictions 
All international transactions are blocked unless a card is listed as an exception.

Before you travel inside or outside of the United States, you may set your travel plan in Mobile Banking > My Cards, contact your friendly Hometown Banker, contact Electronic Banking at (309) 284-1365 or send a secure email within online banking.

Blocked Countries, States, and Businesses
Business related to fraud events is routinely blocked.

Debit Card Fraud Protection
Hometown Banks partners with a Fraud Detection Service to keep you safe! When suspicious activity is detected on your debit card, you will be contacted by text or phone to determine if the charges are truly fraudulent. If contacted by phone, the representative will identify themselves as a Morton Community Bank Fraud Detection Representative. You will never be asked for full account information or detailed personal information, you will only be asked for partial information, which may be used to verify your identity.

If you cannot be reached by text or phone, the fraud detection service will leave a message and request that you call them back toll free at 1 (877) 253-8964 or 1 (877) 253-8962. If they are unable to reach you, for your protection, they may put a block on your card so that no fraudulent charges can be made.

During business hours, you can also contact Electronic Banking at (309) 284-1365 or your friendly Hometown Banker.

Additional Card Protection Debit Card Management

Debit Card Management
Within the Hometown Banks Mobile App, Debit Card Management allows you to report a debit card lost or stolen and immediately turn it off right from your phone. Turn it back on whenever you’re ready. Be informed with notifications about debit card purchases. When a charge comes through, you’ll always know.


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